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I found some snow.....

Well that was an intense few days. I've just returned from Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorms where I attended an advanced medicine course provided by Wilderness Medical Training (WMT). I can't recommend the course more highly, it was fantastic. 

After some initial trepidation when I found out I'd be sharing a room with a complete stranger, all fears disappeared when I met Vicki. I couldn't have asked for a better room mate. I met a whole bunch of really interesting people on the course who were all due to go off on various exciting adventures and expeditions. It is amazing how many opportunities are out there when you look. 

During the course itself there were some very interesting moments whilst stapling wounds on a piece of pork belly and practicing my injecting skills. The outdoor accident scenarios in the snow, with some very realistic acting from some of the participants, were both fun and extremely educational. 

But most enjoyable of all was arriving to a whole load of snow, cold but beautiful! I had several snowy walks through the woodland trails..... magical!! I can't wait to return to the area for a holiday. 


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