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A New Polar Challenge

So as you know, I came back from Antarctica earlier this year and when I did it felt as though a little piece of me was left in the Polar environment. So after a couple of months of feeling quite down I picked myself up and started planning. I start a new job tomorrow which is a little bit different and I can’t wait to start. Still surveying, still project management but a different portfolio of buildings. But I still have a dream for more polar adventure. An opportunity in the form of the Fjällräven Polar 2019 came up but I need votes to get in. I’m an ordinary woman with an ordinary number of friends and, tech skills that are quite frankly basic. I’m not a film maker or photographer. So I’m turning to the power of the internet to help me. Here’s a link to my profile. So if you’d like to share the love please click the link and hit VOTE 

#arctic #polar #Antarctica #expedition #adventure #challenge #girlpower


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